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June 20 2015

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June 19 2015

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I decided to create a masterpost that would help you with what you are struggling with. Hopefully any of the links below will help you!

Reminder; You’re going to be okay. What you are going through will pass, just remember to breathe. 



Here are some distractions to help keep your mind occupied so you aren’t too focused on your thoughts. 

Sleep issues; 


Uncomfortable with silence; 


Sad, angry and depressed/depression; 

Isolation and loneliness; 





Eating disorders; 


Dealing with self-hatred;  






Borderline personality disorder; 





Loss and grief; 

(Other loss and grief)


Getting help; 

Things you need to remember; 

  • - Don’t stress about being fixed because you’re not broken.
  • -Remember to remind yourself of your accomplishments. Tell yourself that you’re proud of yourself, even if you’re not. 
  • - This is temporary. You won’t always feel like this. 
  • -You are not alone. 
  • -You are enough. 
  • -You are important. 
  • -You are worth it. 
  • -You are strong. 
  • -You are not a failure, 
  • -Good people exist. 
  • -Reaching out shows strength. 
  • -Breathe. 
  • -Don’t listen to the thoughts that are not helping you. 
  • -Give yourself credit. 
  • -Don’t be ashamed of your emotions, for the good or bad ones. 
  • -Treat yourself the same way as you would treat a good friend. 
  • -Focus on the things you can change. 
  • -Let go of toxic people. 
  • -You don’t need to hide, you’re allowed to feel the way you do. 
  • -Try not to beat yourself up. 
  • -Something is always happening, you don’t want to miss out on what’s going to happen next. 
  • -You are not a bother.
  • -Your existence is more than your appearance. 
  • -You are smart. 
  • -You are loved. 
  • -You are wanted. 
  • -You are needed. 
  • -Better days are coming. 
  • -Just because your past is dark, doesn’t mean your future isn’t bright. 
  • -You have more potential than you think. 
  • - Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

Please remember to look after yourself and know that you are more than worth it and you deserve to be happy. Keep smiling butterflies x

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“Excuse me,” I said, standing in front of a thirtysomething guy with his legs spread so far, it looked like he was doing some sort of post-vasectomy physical therapy exercise. He ignored me. 

As a woman, I am used to this, so I gestured to the seat and said excuse me again. Nothing. I checked and he wasn’t wearing headphones.

This man, like the three or four others taking up multiple seats on this train car, are the center of our universe from sun-up until sundown, never once considering the lady with the stroller, the World War II vet stooped over a cane, or the child riding home from school alone. 

We all go about our ride politely avoiding calling them out on their selfishness, holding grocery bags and diaper bags and the weight of all our frustration, seething. In that moment, something became crystal clear to me: seething doesn’t help anyone, but sitting on a dude sure is satisfying.

I waited a moment. He leisurely stretched his calves, turned away from me, and then I sat on him.

“Excuse me,” I said, using my bony ass to crush his thigh. Outside of a horror movie, I have never seen anyone react so quickly to get away from another human being. There was terror, then disgust, then anger. I took out my book and turned to him. “Thank you,” I said, and then smiled like Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom. It would have been rude otherwise.


In the last month, I have sat on 12 men.

I Have Been Sitting on Manspreaders For the Last Month and I Have Never Felt More Free - xoJane
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Do you know what this is? This is The Heart from Auschwitz.

An act of defiance.
A statement of hope.
A crime punishable by death.

On December 12, 1944, locked inside Auschwitz, Polish teenager Fania turned twenty. After spending a year in a concentration camp, Fania didn’t expect her birthday to even be remembered - but her best friend, Zlatka, risked everything to make her a birthday present, a paper heart. 

Simply making the heart - or carrying it - could get either of them killed.

The heart was signed by many of their friends, bearing notes in Polish, German, French, and Hebrew that announced "When you get old, put your glasses on your nose, take this album in your hand and read my signature again,“ and “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” It was an act of great sacrifice and love for a friend.

Less than 40 days later, they began the Death March from Auschwitz to Ravensbruck, and from Ravensbruck to freedom. Fania carried the heart under
her arm the whole time. And survived.

Fania donated the heart to the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Center in 1988, where it is a featured piece of their exhibit. You can read more about the story of Fania and Zlatka Meg Wiviott’s Paper Hearts, coming September 2015.

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hahahaha, która jeszcze tak ma?:D
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